Earn Money With Blogs

12 Ways How to Earn Money with Blogs

Earn Money With Blog, and It is the dream of everyone to earn by the internet. But you must have a reliable source for earning money on the internet. Website is an excellent platform by which you can earn a lot. Most people don’t have any idea of earning by the site, and they remain unsuccessful in earning. Earn Money With Blogs is not a difficult task. If you try a little, then you can easily earn. Today I will tell you some tips by which you can make good earning on blogs.

You finally managed to put your web page. Congratulations! Now you wonder, are there some ways to earn money online with my blog?

The surprising truth is that yes, and many people live on it.

The dream of many is to be able to work in something that interests them and to be able to receive passive income thanks to that work.

What is passive income?

A passive income is one that you regularly receive but do not do paid work for it. An example would be to collect royalties (as photographers, musicians, writers do, etc. The advantage of passive income is that you own your time since you receive money without being employed.

What is active income?

An active income is money that you receive for employment, service you offer or the sale of a product.

Whatever your method, be it active or passive, the Internet will be a tool that will help you achieve your goals. Below we have a list of ways to generate income on the Internet that may give you ideas to earn a living your way.

Blogs don’t make money, business does

But before I show you the list, let me make something obvious: blogs themselves do not give money or give very little compared to the effort it takes to get it.

What really makes money is creating a business and using the blog to promote products or services.

12 Ways to Earn Money with Blogs

Build a business around your blog, using one of the systems to earn money online that I explain below, and the money will begin to flow into your pockets. Now be prepared to work hard if you want this to work.

1. Have a list with the emails of your subscribers

If you want to Earn Money With Blogs, having a list of your subscribers’ emails is essential. Why? Because every product or service that you take out or sell as an affiliate, you will make it known to your list of subscribers who, if you do things right, some of them will become buyers or customers.

The greater the number of emails you have, the more chances you will get buyers or clients. But the amount is not the only issue to take into account in the email lists and the relationship you have with them.

If you fill their mailbox with products of yours or affiliates every week, there will come a time when they will be deleted from your subscription for being heavy and spammer.

It would be best if you treat your subscribers with the utmost respect and care. With this, you will not only prevent them from being deleted from your subscription, but you will also achieve a closer relationship with them. Think that the relationship with your subscribers is based on trust, let it down, and it’s over.

2. Promote affiliate products

An affiliate product is one that gives you a commission for selling it. Everyone must be clear that buying a product through an affiliate link does not increase the purchase’s final price since the commission is deducted from the seller’s earnings. It is a way to encourage others to sell products for you.

Don’t fill your blog with banners with affiliate products. Your affiliate links must be few and well placed. You should only promote products that you would buy yourself or know well about their quality and usefulness. Otherwise, your visitors will mistrust you and feel cheated by your advice. Your word is much more important than the four dollars you can win. If you want to sell affiliate products, do it using your email list or write an article expressly made to talk about the product in question. Please don’t make it look like you want to sell them the product at all costs.

Try to show that what you want is to share a good product with them, that the money you can get is secondary. Whenever you link to an affiliate product, notify your visitors of it (affiliate link). Don’t sell products that give you four bucks for them, like Amazon books that only give 7%. Focus on promoting products that give you a minimum of 30% commission. If you want to find affiliate products that give you those percentages, you have to go to ClickBank.com (they have given more than 1,000 million dollars in commissions) or to Commission Junction if you can show that you also have that product and that it is great, much better.

3. Sell your own products

This is one of the best ways you have to earn money with your blog. In addition, in most cases, your products’ sales will help you enhance your personal brand as an expert in your niche. The possibilities are many, you have to choose the topic, think about the medium you do best and make your product.

T-shirts with funny designs, songs on iTunes, e-books, your book on Amazon, a compilation of videos in which you teach how to play the guitar in 1 month; a compilation of podcasts in which you interview well-known personalities in your field; your photos; your paintings; and whatever else your talent can produce.

I recommend that you focus your activity on digital products. They are very easy to edit and distribute. How do I sell them? To sell e-books, use E-junkie.com or ClickBank.com. For t-shirts, you can use Spreadshirt.com and Districtlines.com.

4. Offer your services as a consultant

You are an expert in your niche, or at least that is how your readers see you. Take advantage of your reputation and knowledge by offering your services as a consultant. Many bloggers do it, and some of them are quite successful indeed. For private consulting, there are no barriers. Any niche is likely to generate consulting opportunities. There will be many people who want to know more detailed information on how to enter your niche with the wind in your favor among your readers. You have to put because of your visitors a tab (with the title of “Consulting”, “hire me” or “work with me”) that will send them to the page of your blog where you report your services. 

5. Look for sponsors and charge them a fee for advertising on your blog

This is a great way to make money from your blog. The best of all is that it is very stable over time, and once you put the sponsor’s banners on your blog, you no longer have to worry about anything.

How do I find sponsors for my blog?

There are basically 2 methods:

Sponsors come to meet you: simply put a page on your blog with its own tab in which you offer space on your blog for a fixed fee. Normally, if they contract for more than a month, a special price is usually made. 

You go to meet the sponsors: Contact the marketing department of all the companies in your niche that you think may be interested in being sponsors of your blog. Go to small businesses and tell them the benefits of being advertised on your blog. Tell them about how many visits you receive and, above all, how ideal they are for them to be interested in your banner and your products or services. All that information can be obtained from Google Analytics and StatCounter.com.

6. Get paid to answer emails

It is not very common, but I know of some that charge to answer emails. Depending on the urgency you have to receive an answer, the price varies. For example, Christopher Penn charges from $ 0 (he does not assure you that he will answer you) to $ 2,499 if you want the answer the same day. The problem is that for this to be profitable, you have to be considered a great expert in your niche, something not easy and within reach of a few. I suppose if he leaves it that way, it will be profitable for him, or maybe it is a marketing tactic he uses to raise his cache and reputation.

7. Offer to speak at events and conferences

As you gain fame on the Internet, there will be events that interest you to give a talk. But of course, for them to know, you have to advertise it on your blog. It is also a good idea that you yourself send emails to the events held in your area and tell them that you are available to talk on this or that topic. The price you charge will depend on your reputation on the Internet and how important the event is. At first, you are interested in appearing in as many events and conferences as possible, even if you do it without charging anything. You have to make yourself known and demonstrate your knowledge of the subject and your speaking skills. Remember that the events include all the influential characters on the Internet and other event organizers, which, if you do it well, many doors will open for you. Look at the Gary Vaynerchuk case, memorable speech in Web 2.0 expo your brand was catapulted definitively. After that, his fame grew exponentially, and everything came to him. In fact, Gary Vaynerchuk has acknowledged that he has charged more than $ 10,000 to give a speech at an event.

8. Offer your services as a freelancer

This is the fastest and easiest way to earn money online. Put a sample of your work on your blog and leave your email so that those who want to hire you can contact you. The price per hour or day of work is not usually indicated. Prices hover between $ 50 to $ 100 per hour worked. Some professions are ideal for this type of work: web developer and designer, illustrator, programmer, and the like that can be done remotely.

9. Offer your services as a personal trainer

A personal trainer’s functions can be very varied but are usually related to productivity at work, success in a professional career, optimizing the use of time, managing resources well, and the like. Although there are many others, as many as you can imagine, from dating techniques to tips for living a better life. The normal thing is that it is done by Skype, and the sessions are recorded. You can also send a series of templates, exercises, and manuals to support your explanations.

Keep in mind that in coaching, what is taught must respond perfectly to your client’s needs. It is personal and tailor-made work for your client. It is not worth sending him four books and four audios and saying four too general things. You must be clear about what a day in your client’s life is like and make a custom plan with actions that he has to do to achieve the desired results. Remember that the client wants results and if it can be fast, much better. You have to give him all the ready-to-use material.

10. Take an online course via email or membership site

There are basically two different ways to do this: (1) via email; and (2), with a page that requires a personal password to enter (membership site). In the first one, you share the course content in an orderly and periodic way (for example, every week, you send an email to the client with a course topic). On the other hand, in the second, you make a private web page with all the course information (it is important that Google does not index any of its pages as the content has to be private). When your client purchases the service, the system sends him his password to access all the information about the course.

In the first option (via email), a small amount is charged (say 5.95 euros) every month until the client decides to stop paying. In the second option (membership site) the price is much higher (from 300 to 600 euros), because you put all the information of the course at your disposal, in addition, there is usually a forum with all the members, there is usually a community that meets They help each other and, in addition, it is usually possible to speak directly with the creator of the course (either via Skype or the forum).

11. Make a Webinar

This is a very good way to earn money from your blog. It is basically about giving an online class to a group of people who have previously subscribed to the event. The normal thing is to do it for 45 min-1 hour of explanation and then leave some time for the attendees’ questions. Although you can organize it as you prefer. If you want to do a paid webinar, you will have to open a Paypal account and add a purchase button to your blog. In the same Paypal, you can do so that the buyer is redirected to a specific page that you decide after the purchase. On that page of yours (on your own blog is fine, but it has to be hidden from the general public), you will ask them to sign up for the webinar. That’s it, now you have your data in your Aweber account. You have to tell them when and where the webinar will be held. If something of what is explained here has not been clear to you, do not worry, I will continue talking about Webinars in subsequent posts.

12. Get a contract with a publisher to publish a book

Although the chances of getting a publishing contract to publish a book are not high, they do not exist. For publishers, it is a plus to have already an audience that follows you day by day. Also, you have already demonstrated how you write and the quality of what you post. Finally, having promotion platforms (blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) helps a lot when it comes to publicizing your book when it goes on the market. The more people read your blog and the more followers you have on Twitter and Facebook, the more chances you will have of getting that contract.

Take Action

Now that you know how you can earn money with blog, it’s up to you to put it into practice on yours. Although before you have to work hard to get visitors to it because where there are no eyes that look at the tickets, they do not appear, they only like to show themselves when the seats for the show are all sold.

Earn Money With Blogs
Earn Money With Blogs

And you do you think? Do you know any better way to make money from a blog? What are your personal experiences? Leave your comment below, or let’s chat about it on Twitter.

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